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A bathroom remodel in Sarasota is a great investment for your property. An updated space can mean added storage and style, and more durable surface materials. It can also mean a more attractive bathroom you’ll love to use every day.

Before you jump into a renovation project, consider 5 simple tips from the pros at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design. These suggestions can ensure a smoother process overall. Additionally, you’re sure to love your new space when you take a few minutes to plan your renovation in advance.

1. Set a budget for your Sarasota bathroom remodel

Even if you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on your remodel, it’s vital that you set a budget. One reason is that renovation materials and changes can take up unlimited funds! Two, without a budget, you might run out of funds halfway through your project.

2. Set aside 5% to 10% of your budget for needed repairs

No matter your home’s age or condition set aside at least 5% of your budget for unexpected repairs. It’s not unusual to find damaged plumbing, rotted floorboards, and other issues during a renovation project. However, you don’t want to ignore these issues! Not only can they get worse over time, but having the space torn up during a remodel is an excellent opportunity to address needed fixes.

3. Plan first for practical changes

When planning a bathroom remodel in Sarasota, no doubt you want to update the room’s style. However, it’s vital that you plan for practical changes first. These changes might include updated plumbing, new floor tiles, a new showerhead, and the like.

Planning for these changes first ensures your safety in the bathroom and offers added water damage protection. For instance, older floor tile might let water through, risking rotted subflooring. An older shower surround might get slick while you’re bathing. Consequently, plan for these practical changes before spending on anything that just updates the bathroom’s appearance.

4. Remember to plan for adequate “flow” in the bathroom

A room’s “flow” refers to how easily you can walk around that space! Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about this aspect of renovation when updating a bathroom. In turn, they face lots of unexpected issues down the road.

For instance, you might walk into those oversized new cabinets, or your shower door might hit the commode every time you open it! Avoid these issues by ensuring nothing gets in the way of anyone in the space and that fixtures and features are not overly close and crowded.

5. Don’t underestimate needed storage in the bathroom

Of all the changes you make in the bathroom, don’t underestimate the needed storage. You need space for linens, personal care items, makeup, hair care products, and much more in the bathroom. Not only do these items need storage space, but it’s helpful to keep them separated when not in use.

Also, family members using shared bathrooms might appreciate their own storage spaces as well. In turn, consider separate linen closets, two vanities under the sinks rather than one long one, and similar options. These considerations should ensure a bathroom remodel in Sarasota you’ll love for years to come!