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Did you know that the human brain forms a first impression of a person or place within seconds? 

The cleanliness of your business, both inside and out, matters. Many business owners and managers focus all of their energy on keeping the interior of their business clean and organized. Of course, maintaining the interior is important, but don’t forget the outside! 

5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Pressure Washer for Your Largo Business

A business that looks dingy from the outside won’t attract customers- after all, curb appeal makes a huge difference. Commercial power washers in Largo can help you keep your business sparkling clean. 

What is Commercial Power Washing?

Power washing and pressure washing are similar services, but you might be surprised to hear that the two terms are not necessarily interchangeable. The difference lies in the temperature of the water: power washing uses heated water, while pressure washing leaves the water at an ambient temperature. Power washing is typically used to clean buildings with very stubborn algae, dirt, and moss on the outside. It’s not unusual for a power washing company to offer both services.

What is the Demand for Power Washing?

Demand for power washing services is higher than you might think, and it continues to grow as the years go by. After the pandemic, businesses and healthcare facilities are more focused than ever on keeping their facilities clean and sanitary. They want the outside of their facilities to reflect that goal as well, so demand for power washing services in the public health sphere has gone up in the past few years. 

How Much Pressure is Used?

The idea behind pressure washing is to use an extremely strong jet of water to remove the dirt, mold, and organic matter from a surface. This requires a lot of force. 

The amount of pressure used will depend on what you are power washing, for starters. The siding of a building can withstand less pressure than something like a concrete driveway. Pressure washers are adjustable, much like garden hoses, so that users can adjust the pressure for multiple applications. The range of pressure depends on how the pressure washer is powered- gas-powered models are far stronger, providing a force of 2,000-2,800 pounds per square inch (psi). Electric models, on the other hand, can provide about 1,300-1,700 psi.

Chemicals Used in Power Washing

The water used for power washing services usually contains a mixture of chemicals to clean surfaces more efficiently. The chemicals used will depend on the company and the job being done, but here are a few of the more common ones.

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Citric acid
  • Oxalic acid

Each of these chemicals serves its own purpose, with most of them helping to disinfect, remove stains, and even clean rust.

Are There Risks When Power Washing?

There are always risks when using heavy machinery, including pressure washers, which is why pressure washing jobs should always be handled by a professional. Business owners or managers who simply rent commercial pressure washer equipment and attempt to do the job themselves are at risk for injuries caused by the high-pressure jets of water. In addition, people who have not been properly trained in how to operate a power washer can cause serious water damage to their building (or even neighboring buildings). If the water jet is aimed at the siding at the wrong angle, water can make its way into the walls and ceiling. It’s always best to count on a professional.

Why Hire a Commercial Pressure Washer?

There are some great reasons to hire a commercial pressure washer, considering what annual pressure washing services can do for any building. Here are just five reasons to consider pressure washing services for your building.

  1. Extending the life of the paint and siding. People who have annual pressure washing done can expect roughly three more years out of their paint than those who do not.
  2. Removing organic matter. Organic matter such as algae and lichen leaves brown and green streaks on siding, eats away at the paint, and can thrive without dirt, unlike most plants. Pressure washing removes these plants and the marks they leave behind.
  3. Keeping your employees and customers healthy. Especially if you or any of your employees struggle with allergies, having plants and dirt on the sides of your building can make people sick. Small particles can make their way into your business with the air, bringing mold and fungus with them. 
  4. Saving money. Investing in power washing services now can help prevent you from having to deal with higher maintenance and/or repair costs in the future. Repainting a building is an expensive process, as is replacing the siding. What’s more, if mold makes it in and takes root on the walls, you could have a pricey remediation process on your hands.
  5. Aesthetics. Let’s face it: a business streaked with dirt and grime isn’t very aesthetically appealing. You deserve to take pride in how your business looks and having a professional pressure wash the exterior is a great place to start.