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All homeowners really need to know about tree services and the signs that you may need tree trimming, cutting, or other tree services. We want to give you the rundown on tree service in Burlington NC and the signs that indicate you may need it. If you’re a homeowner or someone looking into tree service, then stay tuned as we dive into this topic. 

What Is Tree Service? 

Tree service in Burlington NC can include anything from trimming, cutting, and everything in between. Mostly you might need tree service to trim trees on your property or to pick up fallen trees. We’ll go into detail on reasons you may need tree service, but it’s important to note that there are many types of tree services you can get. Visit us at:

5 Reasons You Need Tree Service 

There are many different signs or reasons you might need tree service in Burlington NC, but we’ll give you the top 5 reasons. You’ll want to look out for these and know when to call a professional if you encounter any of these situations. 

Here are 5 reasons you need tree service in Burlington NC:

  1. You have a fallen tree. 

Fallen trees can be in the way and quite dangerous if they’re left there. It’s important to call a professional tree service company to help remove the tree as soon as it’s spotted. Fallen trees can be extremely dangerous so you should never attempt to move them yourself. 

  1. Trees/branches too close to buildings or power lines.

One of the main reasons you may need tree trimming or even removal is if your tree is growing too close to a building or power lines. Most of the time they can trim the tree’s branches if they are touching your home, a building, or power lines. Sometimes you may need tree removal if the tree itself is growing too close to your home or building. 

  1. Your tree is dead or diseased. 

Unfortunately like most living things, trees can get diseased or die. If you have a tree that is sick, it’s important to get it cut down so that it does not infect any other trees on your property. If the tree is dead, then it can become weak and be more likely to fall over or have branches fall from them which can be dangerous to those around it. 

  1. You have a leaning tree. 

Leaning isn’t always a cause for concern but a lot of the time it might be safer to just remove the tree altogether if it is heavily leaning. Leaning trees are more likely to fall down than other trees so it’s important to get them removed as soon as possible for safety reasons. 

  1. You want to have your trees trimmed. 

Getting your trees trimmed regularly can increase growth in the tree, leaves, and fruit on the tree. It also can help to boost curb appeal with properly groomed trees. So it’s always great to have your trees trimmed so they don’t have overgrowth and all diseased or dead parts are removed to increase growth and development. 

Final Thoughts

These five reasons that you might need tree service in Burlington NC are something to look out for. Getting trees trimmed regularly is a great idea and paying attention to safety concerns with trees is something that every homeowner should be doing. Be sure to call a professional tree service in Burlington if you find yourself needing their services.