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There is almost nothing like humour to punch up your advertising and marketing. Not only is it linked to larger recall and persuasiveness in advertising, but it can also assistance customers understand you as a lot more credible and approachable.

But there’s also the flip facet. If applied inappropriately, humour can be seen as unprofessional, offensive and even exploitive. 

Imagine again to the tone-deaf Groupon Super Bowl commercial exactly where actor Timothy Hutton sits in a restaurant describing human rights abuses in Tibet, adding, “But they still whip up an wonderful fish curry.”

Or the quickly-pulled Hyundai ad that depicted a unsuccessful suicide endeavor in a garage thanks to the vehicle’s decreased hazardous emissions.

Ouch. These look blatantly clear blunders. But plainly, the marketing executives who unleashed them did not initially recognize that. It can be a fine line – a problem which is definitely amid the causes you do not see quite a few realtors relying on humour in their advertising.

These who do exploit it, nevertheless, say that it’s worthy of the chance. 


Making use of humour in your marketing and advertising tactic


Suitable up there is Matt Lionetti, who’s managed to meaningfully monetize and leverage his intelligent social media content and manufacturer as a well known keynote speaker, podcast host, and innovation award winner with Toronto brokerage, The Company. (Future up for Lionetti – extolling the electric power of identity to field influencers and disruptors at the Buzz Conference this coming March 30 in Toronto.)

“I was always the class clown,” confesses Lionetti, who has turned that trait into millions of social media sights. “My finest dread is remaining far too risk-free, far too significantly like absolutely everyone else.”

He remembers that when he made the decision to “niche down” a several many years in the past to target on creating his Instagram promoting video clips edgy and comedic rather than cookie-cutter, he located himself on your own at an untapped advertising and marketing frontier having the most “engagement” he’d ever experienced. 

Formerly he’d been miserable, pondering he’d be capable to hold his real estate agent hat on his character, only to be informed regularly that applying humour in his adverts would under no circumstances perform. 

He’s grateful he did not pay attention. 

“The field is robotic. There are much too lots of men and women in it to be like every person else…. Really don’t showboat,” states Lionetti.


A video clip he practically did not put up of himself impersonating rocker Freddie Mercury as a real estate agent showing a dwelling reworked his profession.

“It’s about becoming genuine and relatable. The marketplace is robotic. There are far too lots of individuals in it to be like all people else…. Don’t showboat. Always share your wins and losses. The wins give you believability and the losses make you human.”

Nowadays, amusing content is turning out to be much more mainstream, with sprinklings of humour apparent on lots of agents’ platforms. “But continue to, really several go all in (as) I do,” notes Lionetti. 

On situation, he hires a creation workforce. But that is by no usually means necessary – you’re not Leonardo DiCaprio, he observes. Some of his highest views have been just him on his Iphone, in what he refers to as “selfie-type motor vehicle rants.”

Other Lionetti guidelines and quips: 

  •   Stay away from polarizing topics like faith and politics. Most professionals also recommend steering clear of profanity – but not Lionetti. “That’s just who I am. I use swearing like a comma.” 
  • Know your viewers. Tales on different social media platforms disappear in 24 hrs, earning them a superior put to check new information and get fast comments. 
  • Have a sturdy, relatable message correct out of the gate. “People have small notice spans.” 
  • Really do not overthink or do quite a few can take. “You’ll reduce enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is every thing.” Have enjoyment with it.
  • Faucet into your identity and passions. If humour isn’t your matter, aim on what is. Are you analytical? Sarcastic? Bubbly? Run with it. “You don’t need every person to like you. You will obtain your persons.”

“Humour makes a feeling of likeability, which I consider our marketplace lacks,” – Kash Alavi  


Other agents not afraid to drive the comedic envelope consist of ReMax Hallmark’s Kash Alavi and Century 21’s Arty Basinski, both of those Toronto centered. The previous as soon as posted a video of himself on the rest room. He understood it was dangerous, but he acquired away with it. (“You could see the side of my butt cheek. But that built it additional shareable.”) 

Discovering the suitable harmony can be tricky, cautions Alavi. But he’s sold on the electricity of humour. 

“The community largely sees the polished side of the serious estate profession – our vehicles, our product sales figures. They’re fatigued of that. These times, when persons tactic me at a social gathering or someplace possessing witnessed my videos, they relate to me with a large smile, (while) just before, an invisible wall arrived up. It’s a entire different environment. Humour generates a sense of likeability, which I think our industry lacks.” 

Also relieved to ditch the stereotype of the realtor as a snake-oil salesman is Basinski, who typically makes playful, tongue-in-cheek music movies for his listings. 


“There’s almost no converse about creativity in true estate. It is substantial time that modified,” -Arty Basinski


A couple many years in the past, his Lil Yellow House rap video clip went viral. (Sample lyric: ‘Lil Yellow Property is wonderful and cozy. Appear inside of if you are emotion a bit nosy.’)

“Why not have comedy in serious estate?” Basinski asserts. “This industry is so homogenized. I’m attempting to shake issues up.” To this stop, he not too long ago introduced Huge Kid Real Estate, his private consulting brand, to aid realtors faucet into resourceful, outside the house-the-box marketing and advertising.

“There’s so substantially chance there,” he states. “There’s virtually no talk about creativeness in true estate. It is superior time that transformed.”