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Some homeowners are under the impression that pressure washing and roof cleaning a Clearwater home are somehow bad for the structure or damaging to roof materials. While this can be true in some cases, neglecting needed pressure cleaning can be even worse for a home’s exterior materials!

To ensure you’re keeping your home in tiptop shape and looking its best, check out a few reasons why you should schedule regular, professional power washing and roof cleaning in Clearwater. You might also note when pressure washing might damage exterior materials, so your home is both clean and damage free throughout the year.

Are Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning in Clearwater Bad for a Home?

Power washing and roof cleaning are bad for a home when performed incorrectly, and especially with the wrong tools, techniques, and cleaning materials. Incorrect power washing methods often leave behind chipped brick, dented siding, damaged electrical lines and outlets, cracked lighting, etched wood decking and fences, scratched glass, dislodged paver stones, and more!

Roof cleaning is especially precarious, as using too much pressure or angling the pressure washing wand incorrectly can loosen shingles or dislodge them from the roof decking to which they’re fastened. Improper pressure washing techniques can also strip shingle granules, crack clay tiles, bend or dislodge metal flashing, and otherwise damage roofing materials.

Untrained power washing contractors or homeowners not accustomed to power washing equipment might also create messy splatter or fail to mind landscaping features, risking damaged greenery. Detergents can also leave behind a sticky residue when not rinsed and removed properly; this residue then attracts more dirt than before your cleaning project!

Does Your Home Need Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Despite the risk of damage to exterior surfaces, your home still needs regular pressure washing and roof cleaning. Consider the advantages of residential power washing in Clearwater:

  • Pressure washing removes dirt, mud, and other grime that hold moisture against a home’s exterior surfaces; this moisture can soften materials, increasing the risk of cracks, chips, and other damage.
  • Pressure washing also removes dust, soot, and air pollution residues. These materials can dry out brick and asphalt shingles, risking premature damage.
  • Homes in Florida are often covered in sand, silt, and other gritty debris, which can etch and scratch exterior building materials. Regular power washing removes that debris, protecting surfaces from damage.
  • If you have allergies, asthma, or other such sensitivities, note that power washing removes dust, pollen, air pollution residues, smoke from outdoor kitchens and barbecues, mold, mildew, and other bothersome debris, improving air quality instantly! You can often breathe easier when you invest in regular residential pressure washing.
  • Roof cleaning removes mold, algae, moss, storm debris, and other residues that tend to work themselves between shingles and tiles, and which loosens those pieces, increasing the risk of losing them in a storm.
  • Wood fence and deck washing washes away growing mold and mildew, which not only ensures a clean finish but also protects wood from splitting, cracking, softening, and other damage.
  • Pool deck and sidewalk cleaning ensures safer surfaces underfoot. Cleaning around a pool deck also keeps debris from blowing into the pool, which then keeps it out of the pool filter!
  • Pressure washing can remove termite tunnels, insect nests, and standing water or other debris that might attract unpleasant pests to your property.

A homeowner might also note that regular pressure washing and roof cleaning improve a home’s curb appeal instantly. Property owners are often surprised at how stunning their house and surrounding surfaces look after a thorough cleaning, and how cleaner the air feels once your contractor has washed away dust, mold, and other debris!

When Should You Schedule Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Homeowners might schedule pressure washing and pool deck cleaning before opening the pool and patio for the spring and summer seasons. Roof washing is often best scheduled after summertime storms have moved through, to remove debris and ensure clean roofs and gutters. For those with allergies or sensitivities, schedule pressure washing directly after pollen season, to ensure an outdoor space free of irritants.

Homeowners might also adjust an exterior pressure washing schedule to accommodate how you best use your outdoor space; for instance, you might avoid your patio during Florida’s hot summer months but then relax and entertain outdoors starting in September or October. If so, consider professional power washing during those months, so the patio or deck and surrounding surfaces are clean and pristine and looking their best!

It’s also helpful to schedule Clearwater pressure washing and roof cleaning before putting your home on the market, so it looks brand new and potential buyers see that you’ve cared for the property over the years. A dirty, dingy exterior appearance can mean buyers skipping your property entirely, or assume that you’re as neglectful of repairs as you are of keeping the house clean and presentable! A thorough power washing makes an excellent first impression on buyers and ensures your home looks its best for marketing materials as well.