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There are a few signs that it may be time to get your foundation inspected. You may notice things like cracks in the drywall or ceilings indoors, large cracks on the outside of your home, uneven floors, or uneven or bouncing floors.

If you notice any of the signs above, you’re going to want to call for an inspection by a structural engineer. You want this done by an engineer instead of a contractor because an engineer has obtained the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and knows how to properly inspect the foundation and understands the best ways to repair it, and how extensive the damage is.

Anyone who inspects your foundation that isn’t a structural engineer may not have the proper training and could miss vital damage that may cost you thousands later.  A structural engineer will give you peace of mind that the concrete foundation repair in Cincinnati was done right the first time. Plus, you do not have to worry about running into issues later down the road.

Why is Your Homes Foundation So Essential?

The foundation is what holds your home up. If the foundation goes bad, your house loses stability and may become unsafe to live in. you probably love your home. You don’t want to leave it because of a mistake you made attempting to repair it or having the wrong person inspect it. 

Steps to Concrete Repair – By a Professional

Two repair methods used frequently are slabjacking and piercing. Here is information about both methods.


This method is when the concrete is lifted and is typically used if the home is on a concrete slab.

The process entails the following steps:

  • Make drill holes – the number depends on the size of the slab.
  • Pumping grout – this should begin at the lowest point of the slab. A heavy grout is used so that it does most of the lifting.
  • Patch the holes – this is the final step. Any remaining grout is removed and then filled with a mortar mix. 


This process uses metal or concrete posts to raise failing foundations and fix foundation settlements.

This method uses push piers (like large screws) made of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipes driven into the soil with a hydraulic ram. Once the piers are in place, the hydraulic jack lifts the sinking foundation to the correct level. Once it’s at the right location, the foundation is then bolted into place with wall brackets.

Why is Foundation Repair Not A Do it Yourself Project?

There are a lot of popular do-it-yourself shows that make people think they don’t even need to hire a professional but instead can save hundreds by doing their repairs themselves. Sure, there are some things you can easily do around the house by yourself, but some of the important stuff you need to leave to the professionals. One tiny error repairing a foundation could end up having disastrous effects on your home.

Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Try To DIY

It’s hard to tell what is wrong with the foundation

You may see that your floor is bowing, your windows or doors or sticking,  or you may recognize leaning walls or cracks. If you try to do it yourself, you may be wasting your time and making things worse. Once you discover these signs, you should first call a structural engineer to inspect your foundation to find out exactly what’s wrong with it.

It’s more than just filling cracks

Sure, you can fill the cracks and make it look good again. But what made those cracks form in the first place? You have no idea of knowing what caused them unless you’re a certified engineer. Before you fill the gaps, make sure to call an inspector to let you know about any issues your foundation may have.

Your foundation can decrease the value of your home

Since the foundation is an essential part of your home, people are going to want it to be in good shape. If you do the repairs on your home, a good inspector will know it and lower the value. It may even cost you the sale because the potential buyers know they weren’t done correctly.

You may cause more damage to your foundation

Foundation repair is a lot more than just filling a few cracks. If you don’t know what you’re doing and attempt it yourself, you may end up causing more damage. One mistake people make is trying to raise their foundation themselves with jacks. You need to know that a professional would never advise this, and it’s a terrible idea. There is no way you’ll be able to ensure that your foundation is level or won’t continue settling.

You could hurt yourself

There are hundreds of ways you can harm yourself, attempting to repair the foundation yourself. The main thing is you have no idea what you’re doing unless you’ve been trained. Plus, you will have to use tools you’ve never used before, depending on the actual damage.

You probably don’t have the right tools to repair the foundation

Many websites try to sell you kits, counting carbon filter patches and other types of tools that claim to fix your foundation. Sometimes foundation repairs require piering or slabjacking to lift the sinking foundation.

Still, additional maintenance may require high-pressure epoxy injections. There are other times where tree roots are the issue, and you’ll have to know the proper way to get them and remove them. These are specialized tools that you can’t get at your local hardware store.

It will cost you more money in the end.

If you attempt to do the repairs yourself and do more damage to your home, you’ll have to pay a professional to fix it. They will need to repair the foundation and any damage you caused by mistake. Not only will the foundation repairs cost you extra, but you may also bring down the value of your home.

To save yourself a lot of money and mistakes, contact a professional who is in your best interest. You may believe that the price they quote you is too high, but in the end, it could save you not only cash but a lot of headaches and your safety.