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Backlinks can play a very important role in helping you get better rankings on SERPs. Not focusing on backlinks could cause the analytical aspect of your website to suffer considerably, as Google will never notice your content to be in line with its algorithm. This will lead to you receiving poorer rankings on search engines. A digital marketing agency in Dubai would be able to gain you more backlinks to help your business grow.

Organic backlinks are different from typical backlinks, as they are naturally inserted into a different website article to redirect users to your website. These links are usually included if your website is considered to have high-quality content that provides great value to the reader. The RAID test is the best way to see if you have an organic or inorganic backlink, as you look at the relevance, authority and diversity of the link.

Building organic backlinks

Getting immediate results from the organic backlinks process is not common, so it is important that you stick to your strategy as over time you should start to get noticeable results. With that being said, there are ways to gain more organic backlinks at a quicker rate.

Create valuable content

If you can create quality content that will give valuable insight to readers, there is a higher chance that other websites will organically link to your content. You mustn’t recycle old content and ensure that you use up-to-date material to form your content. This will make your content more relevant and increase the chance of getting organic backlinks.

It’s also important that you create content in your brand voice so that your content is consistent and instantly recognisable.

Target your content

Creating content for your target audience should lead to more backlinks. It’s important to write about topics that will be of interest to your regular readers, as it will improve the chances of other relevant content being linked to yours. Your content will likely perform poorly and receive less interest from Google and other search engines if you don’t have a clear audience.

For example, in a digital marketing business in Manchester you could target SEO Manchester based content, so that you can get more readers in that area who are increasingly likely to share the content.

Multiple channel optimisation

Organic search is the most common channel, but there are other channels you could target depending on what type of content you create. Social media, paid search and targeting news websites are other channels you can optimise for in an attempt to gain more organic backlinks. With a larger reach throughout different channels, you can increase visibility and backlink potential.

Encourage sharing

Encouraging your readers to share your content through social media platforms should help you build more organic backlinks. It will improve reach and increase traffic for your website the more shares that your content receives. Google and other search engines will notice how much a piece of content is shared through social media platforms and rank it higher in SERPs.

You can encourage readers to share your content on social media through several ways, such as making it easy to share, creating relevant content, adding a call to action, engaging readers and optimising content for social media.