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Choosing office furniture may depend on different factors such as financial possibilities, the size of the office, the number of employees, the occupancy of the office, or purpose.

If you spend most of your working time in the office, then you definitely want to have it pleasantly and usefully furnished at the same time. How to do it and what is the good advice from us? Read our tips on how to set up an office.

What should every office contain?

  • The desk is the most needed part of the office. We spend an average of 90% of all-time at the table. The ideal table has dimensions of at least 140 cm in length and 70 cm in width. The height of the table depends on the height of the seated person.
  • Box – boxes are the basis together with the table. The table should be “clean” and it should only have a mouse, keyboard and monitor or photos of our family or close friends on it. Everything else should be stored, especially before leaving home, in boxes and cabinets. The ideal cabinets should have a lock, in case you have things that you do not want anyone to see or get to.
  • Shelf cabinet – no office can do without a shelf cabinet. Cabinets are usually manufactured in three heights – low, medium, and high. We select cabinets according to a preliminary number of different folders, books, and other things or papers that we do not want to be on the table or on the floor.
  • Quality office chair. How to get one and where to look for, inspire yourself on Collected.Reviews

Tip: The material of your chair or armchair should be breathable and pleasant to the touch. You certainly don’t want to sit on a chair that is itching, or your body overheating due to unsuitable material. Complement your seat with a massage footrest, for example.

Which color (pattern) to choose furniture?

Choose the color you like, but think about the environment. For example, white furniture will not be 99% suitable for white walls and carpets. Choose the color that will not disturb you while working.

Hangers save space and clocks save time

Hangers are often forgotten in offices. At the same time, especially in the autumn and winter months, clothing is increasing. In offices with several people, you will find coats, scarves and sweaters hung on door handles, windows, or on the backs of chairs. A handy hanger does not take up much space and can do wonders in sparsely spacious offices.

The wall clock is a silent witness to your work. They hang on the wall and very slowly count down the time until you leave home. Although we all see time on monitor or mobile phone screens today, minimalist clocks are still an important part of offices. In addition, if you also buy with a quiet movement, you will not be disturbed even by a regular ticking.

The ideal office equipment depends on your daily needs. It is important that the furniture is simple, useful and that you feel good in the office. The work environment you eventually create should also evoke and maximize efficiency and productivity in you.