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Whatever you are selecting, you try to purchase an item from a reliable manufacturer. Only then you can count on the item`s reliability, durability, quality, and only then, then item provides the experience you have expected to get. The same approach applies when you are selecting linear actuators.

However, when you are selecting a car, the situation with manufacturers is more or less clear. Meanwhile, you might be not so well acquainted with the manufacturers of linear actuators. That’s why we have selected the best manufacturers of linear actuators in the USA.

Progressive Automations

With the head offices in the USA and Canada, the company takes the deserved first place among the best actuator manufacturers. Innovative, affordable, and reliable products from Progressive Automations are known all around the world. Constant improvement of the existing models and the invention of new items add to the company`s popularity. The widest range of actuators, such as:

  • Industrial actuators;
  • Micro actuators;
  • Mini actuators and many other solutions allow each customer to find the right item.

The collaboration of this brand with such giants as NASA, Caterpillar, Mercedes-Benz proves the quality of its products. Except of electric linear actuators company provides one-click solutions like adjustable desks, tv lifts and the products for mounting and remote control for actuators.


The company started its operation in 1954. At the moment, this is one of the leading manufacturers not only of actuators but of pneumatic motors solutions, brakes, gearboxes.

The company is initially located in the USA but has offices in Germany and China.

It produces all kinds of electric linear drives. They are irreplaceable in spot welding for the robotics industry. This manufacturer mostly focuses on the production of actuators and systems for heavy industrial applications.

Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive came to existence around 60 years ago. Now, it is a company with offices in the USA, Japan, and Germany.

The company manufactures a huge variety of products:

  • Servo mount gearheads;
  • Gearboxes,
  • Plenty of actuator types, and many more items.
  • Intelligent Actuator, Inc.

The company was founded in Japan, but now, it is represented in many countries, including the USA, Germany, Brazil, Canada, and some others. Their clients can purchase actuators, robots, controllers, software. The highest reliability and performance level of products is the focus of this manufacturer.

Venture MFG. Co.

This company is a purely American brand without any offices in any other country. The main advantage of the company is that it provides the widest options for customization. Actuators` satellite, military, solar tracking purposes are just some examples of the application fields for the manufacturer`s products.