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As businesses today increasingly become global, contributing to the needs of not only one’s neighbors but those across the globe makes sense. 

Real estate investor Stefan Soloviev recently donated $1 million to the organization Americares. That group helps Ukrainians who are suffering because of the Russian invasion. Other corporations are also helping Ukraine and other groups around the world.

Businesses big and small are realizing the need to contribute to people in other countries. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped others but you also derive many benefits. Here are some reasons businesses should contribute to those in need around the globe.

1. Helping Others Allows You To Connect

Feeling connected to others is crucial for better mental and physical health. It boosts your mood and eases stress. 

Stefan Soloviev wanted to help Ukrainians because his grandmother was from Ukraine. Assisting others who live in another part of the world helps you connect to them. When you make donations, the organization you contribute to sends you newsletters letting you know about the situation. You get a unique perspective on the problem and potential solutions.

2. Helping Others Shows You Care

In the digital world where your brand image is frequently becoming more important, it’s vital to demonstrate online that you care for others. By making a donation or volunteering, you show your empathy for those in need. Potential customers want to buy from companies that are globally aware.

3. Helping Others Gives You Increased Visibility

Being out there and helping shows your customers that your business gives back. Take it to social media as well. Post blogs both before and after the event as a way to promote both the charity event and your participation.

4. Helping Others Gives You and Your Staff a Sense of Purpose

When your staff members have a sense of purpose, their performance improves. It gives them confidence that what they do both on and off the job has meaning. Knowing they make a difference in the lives of others motivates them to work harder and do their best.

When you and your staff are involved in a charity event, it gives everyone on your team a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Whether you donate to help refugees in another country or raise money to build a well in an impoverished community, helping others on a global scale is good for your business and the world.