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Learning web design is not like we learn to make instant noodles which are done in several stages. Learning web design is not an instant thing as well as learning web programming and others. When we have entered this world, we must really focus on learning it if we want to be his maestron. Among the seniors maybe this is an easy and easy thing to learn, but for those of you who are laymen and have never touched it at all, this is a difficult thing to do, but not impossible.

This time, we will provide various sources of new web design tools, which will make your learning process to produce good and easier LinkHelpers Web Design, such as transitioning to CSS Grid, or building progressive web applications. And there are color palettes, code lists, and many other little things that will make your design work easier.

Here are some web design tools that you can use:


  1. Java Object Object Explorer

Instead of dismantling documents and files, use Sarah Drasner’s tool, to find the object method you need.

Use the drop-down menu, explain your situation and what you want, and you get a brief description of what you need and the link to the document, if you want to dig deeper.


  1. Workbox

Workbox eliminates the difficulties in building web-based applications.

This collection in JavaScript from Google will greatly assist you in making progressive web applications better, by facilitating the addition of offline support.


  1. Cap 2.0

Simple screenshot utility that provides high quality results.

Kap is an open-source GIF and screen recording application for MacOS. It’s good to take GIF, MP4, WebM and APNG files, and export easily to Giphy, Imgur, or clipboard.

The latest release adds several new features such as trimming, plugins, full screen screenshots, and window captures.


  1. Pigment

This one-color palette tool is a good choice if you make something with two main colors and you want to see how harmonious those two colors are.

You can adjust the color intensity and lighting to get a variety of different choices, and each color pair is equipped with two additional related palettes.


  1. Duotone

Duotone is another tool from ShapeFactory that helps you convert an image into duotone colors. Choose two colors and drag the slider to get real-time results.