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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are the most preferred than paper business cards. Most people tend to throw away paper business cards at the first glance. However, because metal business cards look presentable, potential clients tend to keep them. This is because it will definitely leave an impression that will last. Majority of people will prefer to remain with metal business card. They are made of silver, rose gold, copper, gold and matte black. Read on to know more about metal business cards.
The thickness of metal business cards is usually 0.33 or 0.5mm. This makes them durable and of the best quality. It is vital you consider one that is of a thickness of 0.5mm. This is to ensure it does not bend easily. If you want metal business card that is matte black, go for one that has a thickness of 0.5mm because of its coating. If it is of 0.3mm, it will feel more like plastic. This is until you see it and realize it is metal. There are metal business cards that are 0.8mm or 1mm. Most of them have bottle openers. Metal business cards are either brushed or frosted. Silver metal cards normally have a smooth finish more like matte. Brushed metal business cards look luxurious. It will give the metal a brighter and sheen. The brushed effect can be done on any kind of card. If you want a unique finish and less costly, choose frosted cards.

Also, you need to research to identify the best designers of metal business cards. There are plenty of companies that do this business. You can Google and identify the best metal business card designers. View the samples of work that they have done. This way you will be able to identify potential designers. Metal business cards are different shapes and sizes. It is vital you select a size that fits your business requirements. Make sure that it has the logo and graphics that are necessary. Also, make sure that it has the necessary texts. You can request to have a little bit of texture on the metal business card. Choose one that has a standard etch or deep etch or combine both. Also, you can request your designer to add cutouts that have unique sizes and shapes.

Additionally, metal business cards have different pricing. This will depend on the material and technique used to make the cards. This is because there are also premium luxury metal business cards which are more costly than the normal ones. Make comparisons of prices online. This will help you choose one who is affordable and offers quality services. There are many designs to choose from. Choose to visit different metal business card designers and check their work before you choose a specific one, this way you will be able to make comparisons and settle for the best.