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Thanks to incredible advances in technology, entrepreneurs are able to operate their businesses completely differently to how they may have just 10 years ago. In particular, some apps can make it easier for business owners, changing the way they go about their work day-to-day. Here’s a look at the best apps available for business management:

1. Wunderlist

An entrepreneur’s day might typically consist of completing tasks and getting things done on a priority basis. Wunderlist is an app that can help set reminders for deadlines, enabling more organisation throughout the day. It’s also shareable with others for daily collaboration.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is already widely used by many businesses as a way to store files and documents in a secure place online. It’s easily accessible from a mobile app thanks to IOS app development. Users can share content with anyone who’s granted access, and on the free version they’re able to store up to 2GB of data. More space is available subject to a yearly fee.

3. Expensify

It can be difficult to keep on top of expenses when you’re an entrepreneur. That’s where a handy app like Expensify comes in. It’s an amazing tool for money management which allows users to document their business expenses as well as process reimbursements where needed. The app can also be linked to a company bank account, giving the ability to create expenses reports to keep track of finances.

4. PayPal Here

PayPal is used worldwide as a safe way to transfer money online. PayPal Here is a new app allowing users to essentially transform their mobile into a cash register. This is particularly useful for retailer businesses who are just starting out. The mobile app development means that you can take contactless payments with a mobile phone.

5. TripIt

TripIt is designed for those business owners who need to travel frequently. It can keep all tickets and travel document sin one place so there’s no need to flip between apps. As soon as the traveller receives the confirmation in their email, it can be forward to the app which then begins to create an itinerary for each trip. There’s a way to view departures and check for delays, as well as even get up-to-date weather reports.

6. Pacifica

For many entrepreneurs, chasing their dream can be as much fulfilling as it is exhausting. At points it can be completely overwhelming. Pacifica is an app designed to help anyone suffering from stress or anxiety. It provides you with small daily activities and tips to encourage a healthier mindset. You can also discuss your feelings on the forums with other app users.