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It is easy to forget just how useful shelves can be, and even easier to focus on the design of the shelf rather than the support structure. You probably think that a bracket is just a bracket, but the way you support your shelves is probably more important than the shelf itself. Let’s take a look at the way brackets can enhance the overall appearance and functionality of any shelf storage system.

Carry the load

The design of your brackets is often dictated by the function. If you are adding shelving in your garage or workshop, you will need different brackets and shelves to those for a set of open shelves on display in the home.

If you need flexibility and functionality, adjustable brackets in a triangular shape are a smart choice. Right-angle brackets in a heavy-duty material make it easy to add individual shelves. What is important is that the bracket offers the right functionality for your needs, but it does not have to look boring.

Choose your look

Selecting the right style of bracket is only part of the equation. Think of the bracket as accessorising the shelf to create an installation that is unique. For an industrial shelving look, you might take metal tubing and repurpose it for shelf brackets. Copper piping would be particularly on trend for a kitchen or bathroom.

Simple wooden triangle brackets, on the other hand, can create just the right rustic chic for open shelves in a kitchen or bedroom yet are versatile enough to be transformed with a coat of metallic paint to create a more luxurious look. This style of bracket is particularly versatile when you team a unique design with robust materials to create something special.

Create your own

Sometimes the simplest item can be repurposed into stylish shelf brackets. Take a pair of leather belts and secure them firmly to the wall before suspending a simple shelf between them; alternatively, try creating your own concrete shelf brackets with a few simple items.

Whether you prefer floating shelves that hang effortlessly in space or industrial-style shelves that make a virtue of their functionality, there is more to brackets than meets the eye. Try Pinterest for ideas that harmonise with your interior decor and have fun creating innovative ways to add shelves to every room in your house with beautiful brackets!