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If you’re a Lakeland, FL resident and are having trouble with an overgrown tree on your property, you’re not alone. In fact, tree removal can be one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining your lawn, especially if you’ve never had the service done before and don’t know how to go about finding and hiring the right contractor. These steps will help guide you through the process.

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If your trees are getting close to the end of their life expectancy or if they pose a safety hazard, it’s time to have them removed. Once you’ve made the decision to remove your trees, schedule an inspection with a certified arborist. The arborist will provide you with an estimate and tell you what services they offer.

If you decide to proceed with a job, an inspector will come out and do a detailed assessment of your trees. The assessor will then make recommendations regarding whether or not your trees need to be removed as well as how they should be taken down based on their condition. Finally, an arborist will come out and give you an estimate.

Reasons for Tree Removal

There are a number of reasons one would feel the need to have a tree removed. You may want to remove a dangerous or diseased tree, remove trees because they are not aesthetically pleasing, or create an open area by removing obstructive trees.

Often times, people find themselves having trees removed because they pose a threat your property and family. They can also become diseased over time, weakening their structure and eventually breaking down altogether.

Safety First

Safety is a priority when removing trees from your property. To make sure that you and your home are safe during the process, it’s important to take extra precautions. We recommend hiring a professional tree company to remove any dangerous trees from your property. Professionals have the experience and training to ensure that they are working safely and efficiently.

If you do decide to remove trees on your own, be sure that you are following safety procedures. We recommend wearing eye and ear protection when operating any machinery. It’s also a good idea to wear heavy duty work gloves to protect your hands from injury and scrapes.

If you are removing a particularly large tree or multiple trees, we suggest working with an experienced arborist or tree removal specialist who will ensure your safety as they complete their tree removal in Lakeland, FL.

Cut Down Large Branches on the Ground

Removing large branches on the ground can be done by using a chainsaw to cut them into smaller pieces. If the branch is too big to handle with a chainsaw, use a sawzall instead. Be sure to wear protective clothing and eye-wear while you work.

Be sure not to stand directly underneath when cutting branches on an angle. Allow some room so that you can move out of harm’s way if necessary. When moving limbs around, never turn your back on them.

Once large branches have been removed from the area, it is time to start cutting smaller limbs from the tree. Ultimately the whole tree will be gone so it’s important to make sure it’s done safely. Whether you take it down in one piece or multiple, make sure the tree is on stable ground before beginning the process.

There are many ways to do this, but be careful because trees sometimes have roots running deep belowground which means they may become unstable after being cut through at their base. You should also look out for power lines as they are often found near trees; never climb a tree close to these lines! As always, safety should always come first during this process no matter what type of environment you’re working in.

Remove Large Stumps

Removing a tree stump is not difficult; all you need is the right equipment and a little time. To get started, you will need to dig around the base of the stump. Next, use a chainsaw or reciprocating saw to cut off the roots where they meet the ground. Use a pickaxe and chisel to loosen the soil from the top of the stump so that it can be removed. Stumps can be physically removed or grinded down into smaller pieces using power tools. The process is long and tedious, but once finished there are no more visible reminders of the tree that once was.

To Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

When you are deciding whether or not to hire a professional tree service or do it yourself, consider how much time and energy you want to put into the process. Hiring a professional may require some research and an initial investment but you will likely save time and frustration in the long run. Removing a tree can range between $200 and $2,000. Plus, there is always a chance that your DIY project could go wrong and leave you with more work to do. If this is your first time removing trees from your property, hiring a professional may be the best way to go for tree removal in Lakeland!