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There’s a strong possibility that the bear market in stocks is over, as investors finally give up hope

Capitulation occurs when investors give up because of despair, the last emotional stage of bear market grief. Read More

The S&P 500 is on the cusp of breaking through a level that might spell the end of the bear market

Still, new 52-week highs made by individual stocks is low, putting on hold a ‘buy’ signal. Read More

Here’s how one hedge fund is going aginst the grain and beating the markets

This fund is crushing it. Here are its top 5 stock picks. Read More

Here’s why the smart money is betting on value stocks to outperform growth

Companies that Wall Street believes will grow the fastest rarely live up to expectations. Read More

20 dividend stocks with high yields that have become more attractive right now

REIT stocks have fallen more than the S&P 500, but a potential decline in interest rates next year may revive the sector. Read More

More risk doesn’t always mean greater reward. Just look at these imploded tech stocks.

Innovative technologies often take decades to succeed, and most investors don’t have that much patience. Read More

Where BlackRock sees ‘tremendous’ market opportunities for ETF investors in 2023 after damage to stocks, bonds

In this week’s ETF Wrap, BlackRock’s Gargi Chaudhuri, head of iShares investment strategy for the Americas, discusses ways for investors to play a world of higher rates and elevated inflation in 2023. Read More

The key word for investors to decipher the Fed’s next move is ‘moderation,’ strategist Ed Yardeni says.

Financial markets are taking comfort from Jerome Powell’s words, but the Fed chairman has made it clear that the Fed will ‘stay the course.’ Read More

Fed ‘pivot’ to lower interest rates will be bullish for stocks. But timing is everything.

U.S. stock market typically doesn’t bottom until after the Federal Reserve has already reduced interest rates. Read More

Bigger paychecks are good news for America’s working families. Why does it freak out the Fed?

The big jump in hourly pay in November isn’t inflationary. Working families’ real earnings are no higher than they were before the pandemic. Read More

ProShares launches ETF investing in miners of metals for batteries powering electric vehicles

ProShares is launching an exchange-traded fund that will solely invest in companies that mine for metals needed for batteries used in products such as electric vehicles and consumer electronics, according to Simeon Hyman, the firm’s global investment strategist. Read More

20 big oil companies expected to be cash gushers in 2023 despite short-term uncertainty

The oil industry faces an earnings decline, but the long-term outlook is healthy, according to analysts at Jefferies. Read More

Using oil prices to time the stock market is a strategy that’s running on empty

There’s no simple or mechanical way of using oil’s price for market timing. Read More

That get-rich-quick trade you’re missing out on

Once again, FOMO leads investors astray Read More

‘I had to keep my composure because I didn’t want to derail my success.’ This financial adviser overcame the odds against her.

Lanta Evans-Motte faced financial hardships growing up and challenges as a Black woman on a corporate career path. Read More

Crypto’s ‘true believers’ crave being all-in, all the time. Here’s how they might learn to protect themselves.

Investor psychology often leads crypto ‘true believers’ right back to more crypto, even if returns falter. Read More