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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Total Telecom attended Huawei’s Better World Summit (BWS) for Green ICT for Green development in Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE), found out that the ICT industry, which is a backbone of the modern-day global economy, must adopt green and energy-efficient practices and products and take the lead in correcting the course of the climate change crisis.

Huawei is at the forefront to reduce our new carbon emissions and has taken several initiatives to bring down its own carbon emissions. “With our innovative products and solutions, we want to work with customers and industry partners to jointly define industry standards, and help operators better measure and manage their carbon reduction roadmaps,” says Bob Cai, Chief Marketing Officer at Carrier Business Group, while opening the Summit.

The company is not just taking measures to reduce its carbon emissions but is also pursuing innovations to make telecom networks more sustainable and energy-efficient. Cai further elaborated that the ICT industry has to maintain a balance between development and lowering carbon emissions to better manage and measure carbon reduction roadmaps.

Several speakers highlighted the role of 5G in bringing down carbon emissions. “5G is significantly greener technology compared with previous standards besides emerging as a revenue generator. It has already been deployed in 176 countries providing ultra-high-speed broadband to around 500 million subscribers. In China, it helped the operators achieve 11.2% in profit,” says Jiang of Huawei.

Several senior industry leaders from different segments of the industry participated in the event to highlight the efforts made and the strategy adopted by them to reduce carbon emissions and reach the target of net-zero.

Addressing the problem of climate change demands close collaboration between all the stakeholders, including the vendors, service providers, and industry bodies, the event provided a perfect opportunity to the ecosystem players to discuss different strategies to bring down the carbon emissions for a more sustainable world.

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