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One of the telltale signs for not reaching your targets and having dissatisfied customers is the lack of motivation in your staff. The constant sighing and eye-rolling can make your service staff appear unapproachable and uninterested to customers and this is never a good sign if you want to become a successful business.

There can be many reasons why your team could be lacking morale – recent layoffs of fellow team members, lack of job prospects, rude customers, unrealistic targets. These are just some of the factors that can contribute to your team’s sense of urgency.

As a manager, it should be up to you to turn things on its head and gain a positive response. You may not have the authority right at the top of the business, but there are changes that you can make to your working environment that can make your team more proactive. Try these tactics so that your customers can benefit from happy and motivated staff.

Encourage Social Events

A great way for team members to blow off some steam is through events that occur outside of work. When there’s a time when all staff members are available, considering organising an event which allows staff to come and enjoy themselves, even if it’s just a game of bowling. It’ll take their mind away from the stresses of work, even if it’s just temporarily. They’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the new day head on.

Communicate With Your Staff

One of the best things that a team leader/manager can do is let team members know that they’re here for them and you can provide the support they require whenever they have a problem. It can be common for team members to feel down at times and it may not even be because of work. If you identify that a staff member isn’t being themselves or looks a little down, have a private conversation so it gives them a space to express their concern. Of course, if they prefer not to discuss it then just let them know your doors open anytime. You might just find they’ll come to you on their own accord. If it is a situation where they’re concerned about work, this provides the opportunity to take in feedback and make changes for good.

Show Your Employees You Care

Simple comments or asking your staff about their day or how they’re feeling can go a long way to boosting their morale. It makes them feel wanted and makes them feel as though fellow colleagues are concerned about their wellbeing. Another way to express this is through company ‘work perks’ such as private healthcare or contributions to their gym membership if you have the authority to do so. If you’ve had issues with employees in the past for whatever reason, it’s still important to be considerate towards them. Any legal proceedings that have occurred can be resolved through a settlement agreement solicitor which won’t only benefit you, but also the employee.

Take Notice Of What Your Employees Like

A great method to really give a pick me up to your staff members is learning about what they like and dislike. How you can do this is through a ‘favourite’ questionnaire. When they first start, on top of the essential documents they need to fill out, as them to fill out this questionnaire which asks them what their favourite things are such as sweets, food, football team etc. Then you can use this information when purchasing items for their birthday or when you feel as though they need something that will put a smile on their face.

As a manager, you should remember that your team’s morale should be your main priority. Put in the effort to make sure they’re happy as poor morale can have a domino effect on your customers too. Customers could feel fed up or uninterested if your staff are too. It’s been known in some cases that customers have been known to take legal action against particular businesses and bringing in Manchester solicitors when disagreements have been made between customers and staff. To prevent this occurring, regularly communicate, understand their concerns and take on the feedback of your staff so you can make smaller changes to make a big difference.