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Anyone who has kept an eye on the business sector in recent years will know how popular freelancing has become. Many people choose to move to this mode of working to look for a new challenge, enjoy the freedom remote work brings or be their own boss. While all this sounds very exciting, freelancing is not for everyone and this has seen a gradual move back to full-time work lately by many.

But why are lots of freelancers now choosing to turn to full-time employment?

Extra benefits from an employer

One major reason lots of freelancers are turning to full-time employment now are the fantastic benefits many employers offer. This not only includes basic extras like paid sick leave but also cool perks like free gym memberships, private healthcare insurance and time off for your child’s first day at school. The latest employee benefits software makes it easier than ever for businesses to manage their employee benefits scheme and explains why so many companies focus on this for staff now.

Less stress and more reliability

One of the big disadvantages of freelancing is how stressful it can be at times. This is because you are solely responsible for bringing work in and making the money you need to survive. In addition, many freelancers can see their income fluctuate each month due to how much work they have completed. Working in full-time employment has none of these stresses and is therefore appealing to people who prefer knowing how much is coming in each month.

Social element of full-time work key

While working for yourself on a freelance basis sounds cool, it can soon get a bit lonely if you are a sole trader. Working from home on your own day in and day out does not suit everyone and can leave you feeling isolated. Working a standard full-time job though sees you part of a team and gives you chance to socialise with colleagues on a daily basis. For many freelancers, this is a major reason why they are turning to full-time employment now.

Better work/life balance

This might seem a strange reason to bring up but it can often be true in many cases. Full-time work as an employee usually comes with set hours and this helps you to avoid working long hours which impacts family life. Freelancing on the other hand can sometimes involve the opposite and see you putting in extra just to stay afloat. As a result, many freelancers are now turning to full-time work in order to achieve a better work/life balance.

Full-time work offers its own set of benefits

As noted above, freelancing can offer a set of tempting advantages to think about. There is also no doubt however that full-time work has a set of unique benefits to consider. Due to this, many freelancers are turning back to full-time work now for the reasons we have looked at above.