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Why Sports is Important to Our Mental Health

It is quite interesting how people who play sport and exercise especially in groups and on a regular basis are known to possess better mental health than those individuals who do not play sports. In this discussion, we are going to look at some of the mental health benefits that are brought about with playing sports. One of these benefits of playing sports include the ability to be able to create a sense of community and this is usually reflected especially on our teen and college years since students find that they are able to identify with a particular group and therefore they do not need to feel lonely or depressed. Most of the times we will find it children will be encouraged to form a group of playing sports since this will be able to keep them occupied and will also make them feel at home and lead to reduced destructive behavior. Playing sports is also known to make an individual much smarter and this is through the different exercises and teamwork that are able to increase the brain function of a particular individual and this is confirmed as a result of the human brain thriving on physical activity.

According to research 27{1dd5f5f09eb06882bcd8a767b1acf41d6433ec950261e9ab593e049067a7eb4f} of Americans are known to have a difficulty when it comes to having a good night sleep and therefore many individuals are not able to sleep soundly or continuously and this ends up affecting their performance and productivity. This is why it is quite advisable to engage oneself in physical activity since this will lead to exhaustion and it will also assist to curb anxiety making your body to be able to relax and sleep soundly. Playing sports is additionally known to have the capacity to support the certainty of an individual and this is through having a clearer mind work which influences the person to value his esteem and furthermore influences him to be less discouraged and along these lines they wind up having increased confidence.

Playing sports also help with assisting the individual to have a positive body image and this usually works for the athletes and that is why many of them prefer going for the sports physicals so that they may be in a position to know that they are medically and physically fit for their sporting activities. It has also been seeing that playing sports can satisfy a man through the transmission of the endorphins since it gives one a supportive strategy to have the ability to manage any failure that he may have and henceforth keeps him happier all through. In this chapter, we have possessed the capacity to take a look at the major mental advantages that are achieved when people get the chance to take an interest in playing sports.