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When you are on your way to establishing your online eCommerce brand on eBay, you do everything possible to catch the prospects’ attention. Indeed, this platform is great for selling your goods as around 187 million users shop there. 

But it doesn’t always mean that your listings get exposed to the whole eBay audience. This marketplace has its algorithms that decide to show your goods or not and in what position. Undoubtedly, this may add roadblocks to your promotion and hide your goods from prospects.

However, there are other ways to gain visibility than organic search – eBay promoted listings. They help you appear on top of search results and, in this way, improve the likelihood of a sale. In addition, unlike other ads, you do not pay an upfront fee. On the contrary, you pay an extra percentage of your sales price, which is more than fair.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? You get higher visibility without any upfront payments. But there is a trick. Not all eBay listings are eligible for the promotion. In other words, you won’t be able to promote all or some of the listings, and eBay seller settings are not to blame.

So, in this read, you will learn why you can’t increase your item visibility through promoted eBay listings.

Why Can’t You Promote Your eBay Listing?

eBay has well-rounded standards that define whether you can promote your listings or not. So, this platform will put your listings in front of more buyers if you comply with some basic requirements:

  • You nurture your reputation – promoted listings are available to Above Standard and Top Rated eBay sellers.
  • You are active – you have a history of recent activities on the platform.
  • You promote goods in eligible categories – you can advertise all listings except for Vehicles, Real Estate, Everything Else, and some Travel categories.
  • You sell fixed-price listings – Auction and Auction Buy It Now listings can’t get become promoted ones.

So, if you’ve just started your eBay store, you may not have the option of promoting your listings But, while you are working on establishing a positive reputation on eBay, you can also expand your business. If you still do not sell through Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, or Etsy, there is no better time to bring your products there. Luckily, that won’t be an issue with SellerSkills, a multichannel management software that lets you easily import listings from your main store and manage inventory, listings, and orders

Moreover, eBay won’t let you reap the benefit of promoted listings if you do not care about your reputation. So, before you take steps to increase your turnover, make sure you can make your customers happy.

How Do You Know Which Listings You Can Promote?

Even though the eBay rules of promoted listings are clear, you may still have doubts about whether all of them are allowed or forbidden for promotion. This marketplace has foreseen your potential hesitations.

So, when you create a campaign for promoted listings, you will see which of your items are eligible for this service in your selection view.


Promoted listings on eBay have plenty of advantages. They deliver additional exposure to your goods, boost items that unjustifiedly do not get proper attention, and help you sell more.

But you may face issues when you decide to start a promoted listings campaign – your store or specific listings won’t be eligible for this service. Perhaps, you haven’t built your reputation yet. Or you would like to promote the listing from the category unsuitable for advertising. While you can do nothing with the latter, you can invest in maintaining a positive selling reputation through stellar customer service to unlock promoted listings for your eBay store.