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The logistics industry is the latest industry to benefit from automation. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and businesses who opt to incorporate technology into the operations of the business will reap great benefits.

Apart from staying abreast of the latest technologies, companies need to know how to incorporate these technologies into business to reap maximum benefits. Automated jobs increase by 14% every year and junior workers seem to be most affected. In addition, a study revealed that 31% of companies have automated at least one function in their operations. 

In the logistics industry automation is making waves and for good reason. One area of this industry that has benefited greatly is sortition systems

What are sortation systems

In logistics, an oration system is a system that sorts products on a conveyor system. Products are sorted according to their destination. Sorters are a unique kind of system. A sorting system will categorize a product based on its characteristics and will also place the product in the inventory system based on those specific characteristics. This kind of system incorporates a methodical record-keeping system.

There are several benefits of this type of system:

  • The company will save time and money in the sorting process.
  • Labor can be reduced. 
  • Sorting systems will greatly reduce errors that occur in the data entry process as well as in inventory management.
  • There is greater communication between shippers and clients.
  • Parcels are sorted much faster.

By introducing software that is able to automate systems in a logistics business, a company can reduce the time it takes for inventory to move through the system and reach the client much faster.