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The complications about a commercial foundation are not just for the mere fact it is used for business purposes; its complication stems from the extensive systems in terms of plumbing and wiring because it is usually bigger or built to accommodate heavy materials. Moreso, it is more complicated in terms of resources and time. Therefore, it is expected that maintenance of it should be the foremost priority for the owners.

Commercial buildings often require extensive plumbing works for water and sewer. A typical commercial building is more extensive and heavier and, by implication, requires complicated processes for every work carried out, whether plumbing or wiring. That is why every action taken comes with enormous consequences when done the wrong way. Hence, a commercial building owner cannot afford to contract an inexperienced company or a company without a license or insurance. Only the right professionals can fix a commercial foundation repair.

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What Causes a Commercial Foundation Damage?

Some of the causes of commercial foundation damage are beyond the control of the owners or residents. According to HomeAdvisor, water and soil are chief contributors to foundation damage. Every other thing is tied around them; either there is a plumbing leak or poor drainage. A change in weather conditions- extreme weather- affects the movement of the soil, which can also lead to foundation damage. However, it is crucial to watch out for some of the below;

Seasonal Changes

The changes from very hot to dry seasons can be very detrimental to the soil. It can cause the soil to pull away from the foundation after shrinking. So whenever you notice a door or window frame pulling away from the wall, it is time to call the commercial foundation expert.

Improper Ground Preparation

An inexperienced contractor often does improper ground preparation. It is a situation where a portion of soil is cut to fill another- this is the norm. But when the contractor fails to ensure that the surface of the ground he is working on is stabilized before the foundation is sealed, there will be a shift in a short period, and the foundation will begin to settle. Another way is when the soil is not adequately graded to divert water away, water can penetrate the foundation.

The Presence of Trees

The presence of trees near the building can also affect how the soil shrinks and settles beneath the foundation. During the very dry season, the trees could suck moisture from the ground beneath the foundation, causing the earth to shrink. More so, the plants around a building could demand more water as they grow older and then keep sucking moisture from beneath the foundation.

 Poor Drainage system/Leaking Pipes

The drainage system of a commercial structure should be well organized. Otherwise, it could lead to clogged gutters or leaking pipes. Once water gets into the foundation, it will inevitably lead to foundation damage.

What are the Signs of Damages that Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Owners of commercial buildings should be on top of their game in watching for signs of damages because you don’t want damage deteriorating into something more complicated. If you see any sign of wear, especially minor damage, it should be fixed immediately. However, there are signs of more severe damage that call for immediate attention. Once you see any of the below signs, you should call for an immediate repair. The signs are;

1. Cracks

Not every type of crack is a cause for worry. Some cracks should be sealed immediately; others require the work of an expert to fix the foundation. Internal diagonal cracks, external step-like cracks, or up to 1.2 inches wide or about 10-15 inches long should never be taken for granted. Although gaps that are 15mm or less can be invaded by insects or water, which can lead to structural damage, those should be sealed immediately. These cracks are mainly caused when the soil beneath the foundation is settling. This settlement pulls a part of this wall, causing a crack.

2. Problems with Doors Opening and Closing/Fixtures

It is easy to assume the door problem should be fixed by the furniture makers; unfortunately, if the doors of the building are sticky or the frame is off the wall by ½ inches. If there are also problems with other fixtures in the building, like cabinets, you should look for the source. If it is a foundation problem, you will find cracks around the wall or see them from pulling off the wall.

3. Uneven floor

If you notice that your floors are not even, that’s a big sign there is an issue. A sagging floor is hazardous for children or physically impaired people.

What are the tips for Commercial Foundation Maintenance?

For proper maintenance of your structure, you need to take note of the following;

  • A company without proof of insurance is a risky contractor to work with
  • A company that doesn’t specialize in a commercial building is a waste of money and time.
  • Cracks are not meant to be patched each time to see them. It is essential to check how wide the gap is or how long the length of the crack is. A crack that is caused by the settlement of soil beneath the foundation will not go away by patching it; it will only give room for more damage
  • Concrete pads are not the solution to foundation damage. They only get the foundation to level; they don’t fix the problem of soil settlement or water issue that is happening beneath the foundation.

Hire the Pros for Commercial Foundation Repair

A commercial foundation repair is carried out on a structure that was built for business purposes. Therefore, it is a lot more complicated than a residential building repair. It takes more time to fix, it costs more money, and to make matters worse, it may require shutting the business (whatever it is) for the repair duration. If it takes 2- 4 days to repair a residential foundation, it may take weeks to fix a commercial foundation. Moreso, it requires more labor and material to resolve a commercial foundation than a residential one.

As a commercial building owner, maintenance should be a major priority because the consequences of not doing it right the first time are costly. More than anything else, it can lead to the devaluation of a property.