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If you’re looking into solar panels for your home before a sale or if you just want to know if it’s worth the investment then you may be wondering if installing solar panels will increase your home value. Well, the answer is yes solar panels do indeed increase your home value and the increase in value is about 4% on average, which is more than it sounds like. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular and it can be an investment, but most wonder if it’s worth it for increasing your home value or if it will hurt them in the long run.

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Do Solar Panels Hurt The Resale Value of Your Home?

Solar panels are a huge investment for some people and typically it could cost up to $30,000 to purchase and install solar panels on a property. You might be wondering if solar panels will help or hurt your home value. According to a Zillow study, it’s said that the home value will increase on average about 4.1% after installing solar panels. In money terms, this means that a $250,000 house would sell for about $260,250. Gaining about $10,000 in value. So having solar panels increases the value of your home, and it does not hurt the resale value at all. Not to mention, typically solar panel homes will sell easier because of the demand for solar power energy.

Do Solar Homes Sell For More Money?

Solar panels are typically seen by buyers as an upgrade to your home like a kitchen renovation would look to them. Buyers are typically willing to pay more for a solar home than they would for the home if it didn’t have solar panels because this is an investment for the buyer as well. Solar energy is sustainable and will help lower the buyer’s energy bill plus it’s a new and upcoming energy source, making it an incentive to prefer solar panel homes. It’s said that buyers are willing to pay around $15,000 extra for a home with an average amount of solar panels installed. Solar panels increase your home value and the amount buyers are willing to spend for them is showing just how much it can increase. Solar panels are a great investment for buyers and sellers.


Is It Harder To Sell A House With Solar Panels?

You might be wondering if it is hard to sell a home with solar panels. The short answer to this question is no, not usually. Selling a home with solar panels should actually be a bit easier than those without solar panels. However, it’s important to remember that this also depends on your market and area.

Solar panels are a selling point in itself. Solar energy is still a somewhat new topic that people are starting to dive into and selling a home with solar panels might pique some interest in buyers. Solar panels can add a lot of value to your home and to the buyer because of saving money on energy, having sustainable energy, and overall just making the switch to solar power. Some buyers may even be interested in a property specifically for the solar panels.

Overall, it’s easier to sell a home with solar panels because it will intrigue a lot of buyers. Selling a solar panel home gives a whole different area to work with to sell the home. Explaining the benefits of solar energy will also explain the benefits of the buyer purchasing the home which makes selling a home with solar panels an advantage.

Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof?

Getting solar panels installed will not damage your roof at all as long as the proper tools and equipment are used for the job. Solar panels themselves will not ruin your roof or cause any damage unless your roof was already in such poor shape that it could not support solar panel installation.

It’s important to get a trustworthy professional company to install your solar panels onto your roof. The professionals will do an initial inspection on your roof just to make sure that your roof is in good enough condition to withstand the solar panels. This is a crucial step of the process to avoid damage and injury. You should find a reputable professional solar installation company so that you know your roof and solar panels are in good hands during the process. Ask many questions to make sure that the company you go with will meet your needs before going with them. You want to feel confident in them and their practices.

The ROI of Your Solar Panels

Overall, solar panels will increase your home value. Most people know that getting solar panels installed in your home is an investment but you will get a return back on the money you put into it. If you’re selling your home or if you just want to know what your value is of your home then you will get on average a $10,000 increase on your home value. There aren’t many cons to getting solar panels installed on your home.

Solar panels are a new and up and coming energy source that many people are excited about, including home buyers. Having solar panels installed in a home might actually make buyers gravitate to your properties more often than other properties listed without solar panels installed. Solar panels tend to be an investment and incentive for buyers and sellers both because of this. Remember that solar panels tend to be looked at as an upgrade to a home, similar to a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

If you’re thinking of installing solar panels then you should call a professional so they can walk you through the process, inspect your roof and just make the best decisions when it comes to your solar panel installation. This ensures that you get the best return out of the investment you put into getting solar panels installed in your home. Damage, injuries, and having to make extra repairs can be avoided if you go with a professional company for your solar panel installation.