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How to approach rebalancing your portfolio for 2023

It’s not a good idea to rebalance your portfolio at preset intervals Read More

Bonds aren’t more attractive than stocks even as yields register a 15-year high

The S&P 500’s return is similar when the 10-year Treasury yield is high or low. Read More

Here’s who’s been trading crypto, and how they’re doing

A new study finds that most people who entered the cryptocurrency market have lost money — and that those people are young men. Read More

BlackRock sees these thematic ETFs potentially outperforming in 2023

In this week’s ETF Wrap, MarketWatch spoke with BlackRock’s Jay Jacobs on investing themes he likes for 2023 as investors worry about a slowing economy and monetary tightening. Read More

Three seasonal effects in the stock market begin around Thanksgiving, and this year it’s time to buy this asset class

Small-cap stocks tend to outperform large-cap stocks over a six-week period. Read More

Elon Musk faces an uphill battle to make Twitter profitable. A new CEO would only make things worse.

Corporate culture is more powerful than any chief executive — and tough to change. Read More

18 semiconductor stocks that shine when compared with Nvidia this earnings season

Many chip makers are still growing sales rapidly while improving profit margins. Read More

The new bull market will be led by stocks in these three industries. Tech and the FAANGs will fall to the wayside

John Linehan, who manages $29 billion for T. Rowe Price, is looking to financials, energy and utilities to power the market as interest rates remain high. Read More

The Dow trading above its 200-day moving average is supposedly bullish for stocks — but not this time

The Dow tends to do significantly worse following 200-day moving average ‘buy’ signals. Read More

Traditional 60/40 strategy may start to work again for investors, but ‘tightening cycles can be scary,’ Goldman exec says

The traditional allocation of 60% stocks and 40% bonds may start to work again, after such portfolios were badly hurt this year.  Read More

Warren Buffett’s chip-stock purchase is a classic example of why you want to be ‘greedy only when others are fearful’

Berkshire Hathaway made a large investment in Taiwan Semiconductor after the stock’s value tumbled by more than a third. Read More

Bank of America strategist says he’s tactically bullish on China for first time in two years as Hang Seng enters bull market

A strategist who has been cautious toward the world’s second-largest economy for two years is changing his view. Read More

What’s in among stock-market traders — and what’s out — according to Charles Schwab survey

Sentiment among traders on the outlook for the U.S. stock market has soured, leaving meme stocks out and value stocks in, according to Charles Schwab’s latest quarterly survey. Read More