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If you are looking to have a home built or just have an interest in foundations then you’ve come to the right place. You might be looking for foundation repair in KS or a new foundation to be built. We’re going to go over a complete guide that goes over the process of how a basement foundation is built in Kansas and on basement repair in Kansas.

You may be wondering about this if you’re building a new construction home or if you need a basement foundation repair. Let’s dive in and see exactly what happens during a basement foundation repair or new basement building.

This information is presented by our skilled foundation repair company. We have provided basement foundation repair in Topeka, KS for many years and hope you enjoy our article.

How Is A Basement Foundation Built?

There are a few different methods that are used to build a basement foundation. Typically we talk about what the walls are made of and this is the process that differentiates one basement foundation from another. Let’s go over the different methods of building foundation walls and what they consist of.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is the most popular method that is used to build basement foundations. This method is where concrete is poured in as the walls and they are held in with forms so that they dry properly. These basement walls typically don’t cause many problems.

Concrete Block

This is the least expensive option for basement foundations. The majority of the wall is built up of big concrete blocks and then steel is used as extra support. This is also a quicker method of building a basement foundation than poured concrete.

Precast Panels

These panels are walls that are built in another facility and once they are completely set, then they are brought to the residence. This method is built with a high-strength concrete mix.

Stone or Clay Tile Walls

This is a popular method for older homes, but it typically won’t be used with new builds or foundation repairs in KS. These types of walls also have a chance of having water damage from groundwater.

What Is The Process For Building A Basement Foundation?

There is a process that most foundation repair companies in KS do in order to build a basement foundation. Here are a few basic steps that guide you through how a basement foundation is built. This process might change depending on the material used and the technique used by the foundation company, but overall this is what you can expect.

  1. The foundation is dug out of the ground to create a hole, which will be the basement once completed. This Is the first step to laying out the basement.
  2. The footing is installed inside. The footing is the base of your foundation and it ensures that your foundation doesn’t sink into the ground.
  3. The walls are built using whichever method they choose from above.
  4. The dirt is backfilled over the footing to even out the walls of the basement.
  5. The floor is then poured in and built.
  6. Then usually a footing drain is installed to manage water flow and dirt.

How Deep Does A Basement Foundation Need To Be?

When it comes to building a foundation you want to make sure that the initial hole that is dug into the ground is substantial enough to be a basement. Typically the basement foundation needs to be at least 8 feet deep, but typically it’s even deeper than that. A lot of the time the flooring slab will be 4 feet deep and then the 8-foot walls sitting on top of that. Therefore in this case the full depth of the basement hole would have to be 12 feet. The basement depth can vary based on the company that’s doing the foundation or based on the type of walls that will be installed. Overall though you can expect the basement depth to be between 8 and 12 feet deep.

Basement Foundation Repair In Kansas

Dampness in basement is a common concern that homeowners might face after the foundation is built. Factors such as improper drainage, inadequate waterproofing, or cracks in the foundation walls can contribute to moisture-related issues in the basement. 

Basement foundation repair and basement foundation building is a process that can vary based on the materials and techniques that are used. Typically a basement can be built using poured concrete, tile, concrete block, or panels. The typical depth of a basement is at least 8 feet deep. Knowing what to expect with a new basement foundation build or basement foundation repair in Kansas will give you peace of mind with the project.

Overall, the process of building a basement foundation isn’t as complicated as it might seem. If you’re a homeowner looking to get a basement repair or a basement foundation built then you should feel a bit more prepared for the process now that you know what will be happening. Remember never to attempt any basement foundation repairs or attempt to build a basement foundation yourself. This process can be quite dangerous if it’s not completed by a professional. Call a foundation company for your basement foundation repair in KS today to get things started.